Can’t balance the budget? Can’t lower taxes? Try scaring people

September 23, 2013 at 12:57 pm

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil knows he can’t balance the budget or provide tax relief to Nova Scotians and that’s why he’s resorting to scare tactics.

“Mr. McNeil knows he has nothing to offer Nova Scotians looking for a leader with the know-how to balance the budget and cut taxes,” said Baillie. “The Liberals are only offering a repeat of the last four years with high taxes and out of control spending. The Liberals know Nova Scotia families are looking for a leader who will put more money in their pockets and that’s why Mr. McNeil has taken this nasty approach.”

Baillie says a Progressive Conservative government will be a strong partner for community groups. Under a Progressive Conservative government, non-profits erroneously funded through the cabinet slush fund will see their funding protected and transferred to the department responsible, including every organization the Liberals claim will be cut.

“Nova Scotians are starting to take a close look at Stephen McNeil and the Liberals and what they’re seeing is four more years of debt and deficits that our children will be forced to pay for,” said Baillie. “With the Progressive Conservative Party, real change starts with lower taxes, frozen power rates, stopping wasteful spending and creating more jobs.”

Baillie says the Progressive Conservatives will continue to defend taxpayers while the McNeil Liberals continue to defend gold-plated MLA pensions.