Cape Breton schools devastated by McNeil Liberals

May 19, 2017 at 2:35 pm

Students paying the price of McNeil’s decisions in Cape Breton.

Victoria-The Lakes Progressive Conservative candidate Keith Bain and leader Jamie Baillie say students in Cape Breton are once again paying the price for Stephen McNeil’s decision to wage war on teachers and weaken the education system. 

Media are reporting the alarming news today that 28 education workers in the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board (CBVRSB) have received layoff notices. These workers include 23 teaching assistants. 

“For years, teachers have been speaking up about the fractures and cracks in the education system,” says Bain. “Stephen McNeil chose to ignore teachers’ concerns, and now we are seeing the direct result of his neglect. The system is crumbling.” 

Baillie says it is becoming more and more clear that Stephen McNeil has no overall plan to address challenges in classrooms.

“Stephen McNeil says he is making investments in classrooms, but that has yet to be seen,” says Baillie. “His neglect of our province’s education system has had a severe impact on schools in Cape Breton. We must start investing in the critical services teachers and students rely on.”

A Progressive Conservative government will improve the education system by immediately using the $20 million set aside by the McNeil Liberals for classroom improvements to hire more Educational Assistants and make the classroom investments teachers have been asking for. A PC government will also invest $39.7 million in Nova Scotia’s mental health system, provide all students with access to in-school mental health services, and put vocational training back in schools.