Cape Breton students lose important services under McNeil Liberals

May 12, 2017 at 9:03 am

Victoria-The Lakes PC Candidate, Keith Bain, says the McNeil Liberals neglect of Nova Scotia’s education system will cause chaos in the classroom once again. 

Media are reporting the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board is considering cutting 16 classroom teacher positions, in addition to two dozen other types of positions. The additional cuts being considered include two school psychologists, two guidance counsellors, a social worker, a literacy consultant and a speech language pathologist.

“Stephen McNeil’s war on teachers and neglect of our province’s education system have had a grave effect on Cape Breton’s schools, directly resulting in today’s announcement,” says Bain. “Instead of continuously cutting into education, we need to start investing in the critical services that teachers and students need and rely on.” 

A Progressive Conservative government will support Nova Scotia’s education system by investing $39.7 million in Nova Scotia’s mental health system and provide all students with access to in-school mental health services. Additionally, a Progressive Conservative government will immediately use the $20 million set aside by the McNeil Liberals for classroom improvements, including hiring more Educational Assistants and enhance our education system instead of cutting into it.