CB MLA wants fix for landline phone service issues

February 20, 2018 at 2:46 pm

RICHMOND, CO – Cape Breton – Richmond MLA Alana Paon is very concerned that nothing has been done by the Liberal government to fix the phone service issues in rural communities within her constituency.

Paon hosted a community meeting for the residents of Framboise, Fourchu and Grand River on February 13, where community members expressed frustration over the unreliability of landline telephone service, the lack of cell phone service and the inability to make emergency calls.

“Over the years there have been numerous car accidents, fires, and 911 calls that have been unable to be made because of the inadequacy of local landline telephone service,” said Paon. “These problems cause great concern and are safety issues. Residents deserve access to the same basic services in rural Nova Scotia as are available to residents in more populated areas across the province.”

Key community residents, along with Jason MacLean, Richmond County Councillor; Cecil Frost, Emergency Management Office Richmond County and Jeremy Martell, Cape Breton Partnership were in attendance.

Paon wrote to Derek Mombourquette, the Minister responsible for the Emergency Management Office on October 4, 2017 about the issue. She has also been in contact with Bell Aliant and CRTC.

“With the community working together, we will fight as a united front for a solution to these serious issues,” said Paon. “Our communities in Cape Breton deserve better than this.”

In the coming weeks, Ms. Paon will continue to follow up with key stakeholders and support community members involved. Ms. Paon will make certain that these residents’ concerns are heard and advocate on their behalf for a reliable phone system.

Jeremy Martell, Alana Paon, Raymond Ferguson, Jason MacLean