Chester-St. Margaret’s Liberal misleads on slashing the Film Tax Credit

May 12, 2017 at 7:09 am

PC candidate Julie Chaisson says the McNeil Liberals are out of touch

Progressive Conservative candidate for Chester-St. Margaret’s Julie Chaisson is disappointed the local Liberal candidate misled the public about the Film Tax Credit and supporting Stephen McNeil’s decision to slash it.

On April 10th, Liberal candidate Hugh MacKay shared a tweet from Screen Nova Scotia that said “The Lizzie Borden Chronicles are on @netflix! Starring @christinaricci, filmed in #novascotia, crew by #nsfilmjobs.”

MacKay added his own comment to the tweet, saying “NS Film Industry has rebounded; further proof that the McNeil government is listening to the concerns of Nova Scotians.”

What MacKay failed to explain is that Lizzie Borden was filmed in Nova Scotia when the Film Tax Credit still existed.

“Using the Lizzie Borden production as a defence for Stephen McNeil’s cuts is misleading to voters,” says Chaisson. “Mr. MacKay’s tweet proves he doesn’t understand the industry or the impact slashing the film tax credit had,” says Chaisson.

Chaisson says she’s heard from many Chester-St. Margaret’s residents who are still infuriated about the loss of the tax credit.

“You can look at the TV show Haven—which was filmed in Chester—as proof of the impact the film tax credit had,” says Chaisson. “That fabulous production brought good jobs, increased tourism, and positive attention to our area. We must work to bring more film and TV productions like that to Nova Scotia.”

A Progressive Conservative government led by Jamie Baillie will invest $34 million in a refundable, Nova Scotia film tax credit. Nova Scotian productions, including newer and smaller filmmakers, will be given more opportunities and access to funding.