Cobequid Health Centre neglected by the McNeil Liberals

May 25, 2017 at 8:00 am

McNeil Liberals have neglected emergency rooms and community health centres over their term.

Sackville-Beaver Bank Progressive Conservative candidate Brad Johns and Sackville-Cobequid PC candidate John Giannakos are condemning the McNeil Liberals for neglecting emergency rooms and community health centres—like the Cobequid Community Health Centre.

Brad Johns says the McNeil Liberals’ inability to address the province-wide doctor shortage is putting a strain on the Cobequid Health Centre, which is a crucial part of delivering healthcare outside Halifax’s downtown core.

“There are now almost 100,000 people without a family doctor,” says Johns. “Because Stephen McNeil broke his promise of a doctor for every Nova Scotian, families are relying on emergency rooms. ERs throughout the entire system are overcrowded, and that includes the Cobequid.

John Giannakos says the doctor shortage and a lack of resources are also reasons Nova Scotians have seen a record-breaking year for emergency room closures.

“Too many families are being forced to travel outside their community when they need emergency care,” says Giannakos. “In the case of the Cobequid, it’s a health centre that closes its doors every day at midnight. Patients get sent to Halifax, where they have another long wait in an overcrowded room. Enough is enough.”

PC leader Jamie Baillie says this election is about healthcare, and it’s time for new leadership on the issue.

“Only a new PC government will take the crisis in healthcare seriously,” says Baillie. “Our plan to aggressively recruit doctors, hire nurse practitioners and open up resident spaces will get ER closures down.”

Both the McNeil Liberals and the NDP promised to keep the Cobequid Health Centre open 24/7, and failed.

As MLAs, both Giannakos and Johns will commit to working with the Cobequid and healthcare professionals in order to keep the Cobequid ER and others across the province open during the busiest times, like on weekends.