Comer sheds light on healthcare concerns in Cape Breton

October 31, 2019 at 10:28 am

The MLA for Sydney-River-Mira-Louisbourg, Brian Comer, recognizes the current healthcare crisis is the most time sensitive and important issue facing the province today.

Yesterday, the Progressive Conservative Caucus ended the fall session of the legislature as they began it, debating Nova Scotia’s healthcare crisis. Comer took the opportunity to discuss what is happening in Cape Breton.

“We know this crisis didn’t happen overnight, but it’s high time this Liberal government stops blaming past governments for the current situation and starts talking about where we need to be,” says Comer. “In six years, we’ve seen healthcare go from bad to worse and it is a shameful excuse to blame another government. The fact stands that our people suffer and desperately need relief.

Comer, a registered mental health nurse, knows firsthand how his former colleagues are feeling.

“Healthcare professionals are doing the best they can in a system that is failing them. Mental health and burnout are a significant issue for our healthcare workers, especially physicians, nurses, and paramedics,” says Comer. “This is drastically impacting recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals.”

During his speaking time, Comer advocated for more local decision-making.

“There needs to be a voice of executive level decision-making put back into Cape Breton and not only made in the ivory towers in Halifax,” says Comer. “Every community in the province has different challenges. Cape Breton has their own with healthcare and if we bring back local decision-making, we will start to see improvements.”