Baillie: Compassionate and knowledgeable care for Nova Scotia’s veterans

May 12, 2017 at 9:18 am

Vision: A health care system that’s there when Nova Scotians need it

Jamie Baillie today confirmed a Progressive Conservative government’s commitment to opening a new, specialized Veterans’ Memorial walk-in clinic at the Camp Hill Veterans’ Memorial Building in Halifax.

“As Progressive Conservatives, we have consistently fought for the health and well-being of veterans,” said Baillie. “It’s essential that we provide compassionate care for those who have served our country. With our plan for veterans’ health, we are taking action.”

Baillie announced that a PC government will invest $1.75 million per year in a veteran-centred primary health care clinic in Halifax. The Camp Hill clinic will allow veterans to access physical and mental health care tailored to their individual needs on a 24-hour basis. The clinic will also work in concert with ERs across Nova Scotia to ensure cross-province support for veterans.

Veterans can have complex health conditions requiring specialized care. A new veteran-centred clinic will put an emphasis on treating the whole veteran, not limited to PTSD and OSI. “Veteran Navigators” will also be part of staff care delivery, providing quiet spaces and alternative settings for those in crisis.

Stephen McNeil’s Liberals have not responded quickly enough to the needs of veterans, allowing emergency rooms to overflow and slowing access to vital care. Veterans in crisis are often forced to seek treatment in emergency rooms or walk-in clinics in which chaotic conditions trigger PTSD or OSI.

Roland Lawless is a veteran and vocal advocate for veteran-led medical solutions. He welcomed the initiative to open a specialized centre for veterans.

“It is so challenging for veterans to find appropriate care in Nova Scotia. Emergency rooms can be chaotic and very difficult for all veterans,” said Lawless. “A veteran-led walk-in clinic that is available around the clock and treats everything that a veteran could have is an excellent step in the right direction. It will make a real difference in the lives of military families.”

Baillie expressed confidence that the new Veterans’ Memorial walk-in clinic would bring comfort to veterans and their families. “We have heard feedback from concerned veterans who have faced new challenges since returning home. They know what they need, and this clinic will be designed with their input in mind. We intend to work together to ensure their unique health care needs are met.”