The consequences of healthcare mismanagement by Stephen McNeil’s Liberals

May 26, 2017 at 4:04 pm

Chaotic, broken health system fails Jack Webb

Jack Webb spent his last days in a chaotic health system that failed him, said Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie.

“Stephen McNeil says there is no crisis in healthcare,” Baillie said. “That is a painful insult for Jack’s widow, Kim D’Arcy, and other Nova Scotians who have suffered because of Liberal mismanagement. Nova Scotians deserve better.”

Webb died at the QEII Infirmary on February 1, after a five-day stay in an overcrowded hospital, that included six hours in the Emergency Room hallway. D’Arcy said staff were overwhelmed by the number of patients and could not provide compassionate end of life care for Jack.

“No one should spend their last days like Jack did,” D’Arcy said. “I am speaking out because I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.”

Code Census, the protocol used when Emergency Rooms are overcrowded, was called at the QEII 23 days out of 31 in January, including the days when Jack was there.

D’Arcy is waiting to see the results of an investigation into Jack Webb’s death conducted by the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

During Question Period in April, Baillie asked Stephen McNeil to admit the healthcare system had failed Jack Webb. McNeil used the question as an opportunity to deny there is a crisis in Nova Scotia’s healthcare system.

“The healthcare system will never improve if we don’t recognize that it is broken,” Baillie said. “Only a new PC government will take the crisis in healthcare seriously and take concrete action to fix it.”

A Progressive Conservative government will take concrete action to ease the doctor shortage by:

  • Investing $13.5 million to bring more doctors to underserviced areas.

  • Expanding the tuition relief program to keep new family doctors in Nova Scotia; and

  • Facilitating credential recognition for Canadians who study medicine abroad.

To improve mental health services, a PC government will:

  • Establish Mental Health Crisis Response Centres to divert people undergoing a mental health crisis from Emergency Rooms to a facility, staffed by trained mental health professionals, to receive appropriate and informed treatment.

  • Put decision-making in healthcare back into local regions.

  • Provide all students with access to in-school mental health services.

  • Expand mental health courts across the province.

  • Make Nova Scotia a leader in mental health research and innovation. A PC government will create a Mental Health and Wellness Institute in concert with a Nova Scotia university and attract mental health experts.