Cox backs MacDonald’s call for by-election on floor crossing MLAs

September 18, 2013 at 1:30 pm

TRURO, NS – Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River PC candidate Charles Cox today announced his support for Colchester North PC candidate John K. MacDonald’s call for a by-election in the event an MLA crosses the floor following an election.

Last week, MacDonald called on Liberal candidate for Colchester North Karen Casey and NDP candidate Jim Wyatt to support his call for legislation requiring a by-election if an MLA crosses the floor between elections.

MacDonald said he would immediately introduce legislation requiring a by-election following a floor crossing if elected. Cox echoed his pledge.

“Party platforms and leaders are key factors for voters making their decision before casting a ballot,” Cox said. “Switching sides after campaigning for a party and with that party’s support is problematic for many voters. MLAs who defect should face the voters again before continuing to serve as their MLA.”

PC Party leader Jamie Baillie, MacDonald and Cox agree that voters should determine which Party and which platform best represents their interests and MLAs should not change after the fact without the approval of their constituents.

“When a candidate seeks office and asks for the public’s trust, voters deserve complete honesty,” Cox said. “Switching sides afterward is tough for some voters to accept and a by-election is the only way to confirm voters’ trust.”