Dave Wilton must explain his flip-flop on Teachers

May 10, 2017 at 10:18 am

According to text message exchanges between Wilton and a constituent, the Liberal said he supported the teachers “100%.” Given this supportive stance, Wilton even said “the party isn’t happy with me.” These texts were shared on social media.

Despite these texts, Wilton caved to Liberal pressure and voted against teachers.

“Mr. Wilton played the worst kind of politics,” says Cape Breton Centre PC Candidate Louie Piovesan. “He led his constituents to believe that he would stand up for them and then flip flopped. In the end he obviously bowed to the pressure of Stephen McNeil and towed the party line.”

The constituent was very clear in his disappointment.

“You voted against teachers? You lied to me. Don’t show your face on my property looking for our votes.”

Piovesan says Wilton has a lot of explaining to do.

Stephen McNeil takes his damage control tour to Cape Breton Centre today.