d’Entremont calls for better cell coverage for Woods Harbour residents

November 14, 2016 at 2:56 pm

MLA helps launch community petition

WOODS HARBOUR, NS – Argyle-Barrington MLA Chris d’Entremont is joining Woods Harbour area residents in their pleas for better cellular coverage.

The local MLA has helped concerned community members launch a petition to make the McNeil government hear their concerns.

“In today’s modern world, Woods Harbour deserves better cellular coverage. It’s not right to leave the residents of this community at a competitive disadvantage,” says d’Entremont. “This isn’t just an annoyance, this is actually unfair to the local business community.”

d’Entemont says cellphone usage is necessary to the success of many businesses and this Shelburne County community continues to be underserved by all mobile networks, including Bell, Rogers and Eastlink.

“If we want our rural communities to thrive, we must ensure they have access to simple business tools like cellular coverage,” says the MLA, who points to the fishing industry as one in need of proper coverage. “Our lobster is the best in the world, yet the lack of cellular coverage is holding us back from increasing sales and exports. We can’t let that happen anymore.”

d’Entremont says the local lobster fishery, the province’s largest, pours hundreds of millions of dollars into local economy. The industry needs every edge it can have to remain competitive on the world stage.

The MLA is encouraging everyone to sign the petition, which will be at various locations in the area. In order to be compliant with House of Assembly rules the petition must have original signatures.