d’Entremont calls on Health Minister to explain declining ambulance services

March 31, 2017 at 2:00 pm

Residents are being put at greater risk and they deserve answers

ARGYLE, NS – Progressive Conservative Health Critic and MLA Chris d’Entremont is calling on Health Minister Leo Glavine to answer for the deteriorating ambulance services in Argyle-Barrington.

d’Entremont says it’s believed the ambulance base in Pubnico has been lowered to “non-priority” status resulting in a substantial increase in emergency response times. In some cases, d’Entremont has been told there isn’t an ambulance or paramedic at the Pubnico base, so ambulances must respond from Barrington or Yarmouth.

“The number of emergency calls are up, and it’s taking longer to attend calls because many ambulances are travelling from other districts,” says d’Entremont. “In one instance, it took over 30 minutes for an ambulance to respond to a car accident. It’s unacceptable and Minister Glavine needs to address the issue.”

d’Entremont says because of Pubnico’s relatively larger population, the ambulance base needs to be kept as a priority one.

“Pubnico is home to the fishing industry, wharves, as well as, an aging population. The community and surrounding area is home to four doctors’ offices, a seniors’ residence and a nursing home. The ambulance base serving the area must maintain its priority status,” says d’Entremont.

If the Health Minister doesn’t respond to the issue, d’Entremont says he will be asking for answers in the House of Assembly, which gets underway April 25th.

“Something is very wrong and residents of Argyle-Barrington are being put at risk,” says d’Entremont. “The Health Minister needs to get to the bottom of this before someone gets hurt. Residents need to be adequately covered.”