d’Entremont calls on Health Minister to stop withdrawing ambulance services

April 17, 2018 at 2:38 pm

Argyle-Barrington MLA Chris d’Entremont today urged Liberal Minister of Health, Randy Delorey, to review their emergency services standards.

Today, MLA d’Entremont tabled a petition with 570 signatures calling on the McNeil Liberals to stop withdrawing ambulances from the Pubnico area to cover other parts of the province.

“I’m deeply concerned for the residents of Pubnico and area,” says d’Entremont. “The Liberal government has to stop this harmful practice of withdrawing our ambulances to cover other areas. Minister Delorey needs to address the systemic problem of ambulances being tied up at the hospital rather than put other areas in jeopardy.”

d’Entremont says Pubnico residents deserve reliable ambulance service.

“No area in the province should be left without ambulances. We shouldn’t be losing adequate emergency services to help the Liberals and EMC reach its standard in other areas,” says d’Entremont. “Paramedics and first responders are doing their best in a system that is in complete chaos any given day.”

d’Entremont thanks all paramedic and first responders for the terrific and difficult job they do every day.