d’Entremont: McNeil promises to continue Dexter NDP record

September 11, 2013 at 2:42 pm

HALIFAX, NS – Argyle-Barrington Progressive Conservative candidate Chris d’Entremont says Stephen McNeil’s high tax, high spend election agenda is proof he and the Liberals cannot be trusted to manage the province’s finances.

“Just like the NDP, the Liberal platform will result in high taxes, high power rates, more wasteful spending and more lost jobs,” says d’Entremont. “Nova Scotians can’t afford four more years of the last four years.”

In the last election campaign, the McNeil Liberals promised to spend more than half a billion dollars but had no plan to pay for it. This election, the Liberals have promised to keep $100 million in NDP pre-election, vote-buying promises and they’ve added another $190 million of their own spending.

“The Liberals intend to go on a nearly $300 million spending spree and they expect hardworking Nova Scotians to foot the bill,” says d’Entremont. “Their platform is a blueprint for repeating the last four years.”

Only a Progressive Conservative government will give taxpayers the tax breaks they deserve to put a little more money in their pockets.

Jamie Baillie will lower the HST. Stephen McNeil will not.

Jamie Baillie will made Nova Scotia a tax-free zone for small business. Stephen McNeil says low taxes for job creators are not a priority.

“Stephen McNeil likes taxes in Nova Scotia just the way they are – just the way the Dexter NDP left them – the highest in Canada,” d’Entremont said. “We’re attacking high taxes, the Liberals and the NDP are defending them.”

The PC platform contains $200 million in cost savings. McNeil’s Liberal plan tells Nova Scotians how he’s going to spend their money, but it’s silent on how he’s going to save it. “On October 8, three parties are asking for the votes of Nova Scotians, but there are only two choices,” said d’Entremont. “More of the same from the Liberals and NDP, or lower taxes, frozen power rates and more jobs from the Progressive Conservatives.”