d’Entremont to McNeil: Listen to your candidate, put patients and their families first

October 04, 2013 at 11:04 am

ARGYLE, NS – Argyle-Barrington Progressive Conservative candidate and health critic Chris d’Entremont says Stephen McNeil should take the advice of his Liberal candidate in Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River when it comes to designating health care workers an essential service.

When asked by the Truro Daily News whether he supported back-to-work legislation for essential services, including medical personnel, Liberal candidate Barry Mellish answered, “I support these services being designated as essential and would support legislation to ensure that the essential services contracts are fairly dealt with through negotiation or binding arbitration.”

“Putting special interests ahead of patients and their families is wrong. Even Liberal candidates know that, so why doesn’t Stephen McNeil get it?” asked d’Entremont.

d’Entremont says Stephen McNeil has a history of putting special interests ahead of patients in health care.

In anticipation of a threatened strike at the Capital District Health Authority in Spring 2012, 530 diagnostic imaging appointments were postponed, 430 surgeries and nearly 2,000 outpatient appointments were delayed. It took months for all those patients to get the care they needed.

When the Progressive Conservatives introduced legislation to end work stoppages in hospitals, Stephen McNeil sided with the Dexter NDP and refused to put patients first.

When a recent contract dispute threatened our ambulance service, the McNeil Liberals voted against keeping paramedics on the job. NDP candidate Lenore Zann recently said legislation was required, otherwise the government would have “blood on their hands,” had paramedics walked off the job.

“Special interests will always take priority over patients and their families with Stephen McNeil,” said d’Entremont. “Stephen McNeil’s backwards policies will leave patients and their families suffering while he courts the special interests who already control the Dexter NDP.”