Dexter follows Baillie’s lead, but taxpayers still on the hook for double doubles

September 16, 2013 at 1:16 pm

COLCHESTER NORTH – Colchester North Progressive Conservative candidate John K. MacDonald welcomes the NDP’s decision to follow Jamie Baillie’s lead in providing insulin pumps to children, but says taxpayers and patients are still frustrated by Darrell Dexter’s policy of funding a money losing Tim Hortons at the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre.

In January, it was reported that retail food services, including a Tim Hortons at the hospital, faced losses of $1.4 million annually. Taxpayers picked up the tab.

“That money could have been directed into providing increased diabetic care so much earlier,” said MacDonald. “Instead the Dexter NDP decided to put double doubles before the needs of diabetics.”

In February, Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie announced he would use the $1.4 million the Dexter NDP wasted on the money losing Tim Hortons to instead fund insulin pumps for children. The move was supported by award winning country music star George Canyon.

MacDonald says the fact that the Tim Hortons at the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre faced such staggering losses highlights the Dexter NDP’s financial incompetence.

“Only Darrell Dexter could lose money with a Tim Hortons,” said MacDonald.

MacDonald says the Progressive Conservatives remain committed to redirecting funds from the money losing Tim Hortons and putting the savings into front line health care services, like diabetic care for children.