Dexter NDP lets seniors down again

September 17, 2013 at 1:02 pm

HALIFAX, NS – The Dexter NDP had more than four years to address seniors’ needs, but ignored those waiting for long-term care, said Progressive Conservative candidate for Argyle-Barrington Chris d’Entremont.

Today, the Dexter NDP promised to appoint a Provincial Advisor on Seniors.

“Seniors don’t need another high-priced bureaucrat to provide advice to the government on their needs. They need a government that won’t ignore them,” said d’Entremont. “The Dexter NDP has lost the trust of seniors.”

d’Entremont says the facts prove the Dexter NDP have ignored seniors.

The wait list for a long-term care bed has grown to 2,334 people – more than a 50 per cent increase since the Dexter NDP took office. In fact, the waiting list for nursing homes is longer than it has ever been.

d’Entremont cautioned seniors and their families to be wary of Darrell Dexter’s empty promises in the election campaign.

“For years Darrell Dexter promised seniors he would put them first, but today too many are left waiting for proper placement and care,” said d’Entremont. “If the Dexter NDP was serious about addressing the needs of seniors, they wouldn’t have sat on their hands for four years.”