Dunn calls for more accountability for WCB

September 25, 2018 at 1:27 pm

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Pictou Centre MLA Pat Dunn says Premier McNeil must demand more accountability from Nova Scotia’s Workers’ Compensation Board.

Today in the House of Assembly, Dunn introduced an amendment to the Workers’ Compensation Act which would enforce accountability. It would require members of the Board of Directors, Officers and employees of the Workers Compensation board to demonstrate good faith when addressing compensation requests.  These requirements would extend to members of the Appeal Tribunal and the Medical Commission Panel as well.

“It is appalling to think that an injured person has the medical documentation that proves their injury occurred on the job but are met with this negative treatment,” says Dunn. “This amendment is small but would be life-changing to these people who have been cruelly declined compensation.”

New Glasgow resident Darrell MacKinnon welcomes the amendment. In 2012, while working for Emera Utility Services, he suffered a fall in the parking lot which left him with a permanent neurological condition. He has been unable to work full time due to his injury but has been declined workers compensation ever since.

“I never thought a fall on an icy parking lot would change my whole life- but it sure did,” says MacKinnon. “People who get injured on the job shouldn’t have to fight tooth and nail to be heard and believed. But unfortunately, if they don’t like the answer, they will keep asking until they get what they need to deny you- it is a horrible way to treat people whose only desire is to keep on working.”

Dunn is calling on Premier McNeil to support this Bill and enforce more accountability from the Workers’ Compensation Board.

“Bottom line, we need to see more accountability from WCB,” says Dunn. “If they’re acting in good faith then they have nothing to worry about. This Liberal government owes it to injured workers to pass this Bill.”

The Bill can be found on the Nova Scotia Legislature website.