Dunn pushes for mandatory Life Skills course in high schools

March 23, 2018 at 7:28 am

Financial literacy must be a key component

Progressive Conservative MLA Pat Dunn says financial life skills should be mandatory in high school.

He introduced a bill in the Legislature this week that requires students in grade 10 to take a career development course and sets out subjects that the course must cover.

“Too many students are graduating high school without basic career development and financial life skills,” says Dunn, the MLA for Pictou Centre and a former educator in Pictou County. “This common sense change would help make sure students are prepared for life after high school.”

Chris Meadows, who taught high school in Pictou County for 28 years and was a Principal at Trenton High School for six years, says emphasizing how important life skills are and how they help young people down the road is key to setting them up for success in the future.

“I think that making the Life Skills course a required course for all high school students would be highly beneficial. Many students know little about filing their income tax. They struggle with oral interviews and presentations as well as writing resumes. They are unfamiliar with the financial aspects of money management,” says Meadows. “Learning these and other life skills early would be so valuable to them in the future and enhance their life-long learning.”

A life skills course is presently available in high school but extending the content to cover additional skills and making it a compulsory course for graduation would be very beneficial to all students.
The career development course must give students information about:

– the value of money
– the responsible use of credit cards
– the responsible use of debit cards
– the difference between credit cards and debit cards
– options for loans for pursuing higher education
– creating a budget
-paying a bill
– retirement savings, including registered retirement savings accounts and tax-free savings accounts
– insurance
– wills
– mutual funds
– filing a tax return

Dunn says he hopes the Liberal majority will pass this common sense piece of legislation.