Ethical and Accountable Leadership for Nova Scotia

May 19, 2017 at 9:19 am

Vision: A Premier Nova Scotians can trust

Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie announced today that as Premier, he will hold himself to the highest standard of accountability for all Nova Scotians.

“Nova Scotians are frustrated by the blatant mismanagement of public funds by the McNeil Liberals,” said Baillie.  “I will serve as a leader that Nova Scotians can trust to be honest, one who makes decisions based on evidence instead of political advantage.”

A PC government will promote government accountability by introducing a No Boondoggle Guarantee.  This will automatically trigger an internal audit when a government project goes more than 10 per cent over budget.  The results of these audits will be made public.

Provincial embarrassments like the mismanaged Bluenose rebuild or the Yarmouth ferry contract that sent our tax dollars to upgrade a terminal in Portland, Maine, will never again go unexamined.

“As Premier, I will listen to Nova Scotian, and I will answer to Nova Scotians,” said Baillie.  He will serve as his own Infrastructure Minister, and will personally oversee the Rebuild Nova Scotia Fund that will improve infrastructure and create jobs.  Nova Scotians want real leadership on important priorities like hospitals and highways.  This accountability starts with a new PC government.

A PC government will also establish an Independent Office of the Commissioner of Ethics and Conflict of Interest, making that person an officer of the House of Assembly.  Questionable deals like the shady “Whopper Drop” land purchase from a Liberal donor will no longer proceed without the scrutiny of the House.

Baillie committed to other important accountability measures, including:

  • Fixed election dates;

  • Independent costing of party platforms;

  • Review of provincial finances by the Auditor General six months prior to an election; and

  • Annual review of government promises, with public reporting on whether they were kept or broken.

“Our vision is a Nova Scotia that sets a new standard for trust in leadership,” said Baillie. “I will act on that vision for all Nova Scotians, and I will put confidence back into the office of Premier.”