Fact Check: Dexter Knows Best

September 12, 2013 at 5:47 pm

HALIFAX, NS – First, Darrell Dexter said the Maritime Link was the best deal for Nova Scotians. Now, he says he knows better than CIBC and BMO. He was wrong on both counts.
FACT: BMOCapital Markets’ analysis says there’s a “50 per cent probability of sanctioning” when it comes to the Maritime Link component of the Lower Churchill project.
FACT: Dexter’s NDP government rammed the Maritime Link through the UARB giving little time for consideration of thousands of documents.
FACT: The Nova Scotia UARB confirmed that Muskrat Falls and the Maritime Link are not the cheapest option for energy in Nova Scotia.
FACT: The Maritime Link may be a good project, but the NDP got a bad deal for Nova Scotian ratepayers.
This is proof the NDP leader is lost in his own rhetoric. BMO and CIBC have some of the best analysts in the world who work on economic projections and financial asset management research.
The Dexter NDP didn’t do its homework on the $1.5 billion Muskrat Falls and signed a bad deal. A PC government will renegotiate the deal to protect tax payers and rate payers.
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