FACT CHECK: Is McNeil Liberal candidate Brendan Maguire telling the truth?

May 12, 2017 at 1:53 pm

The McNeil Liberals owe voters in Halifax Atlantic an immediate explanation about why they are misleading families about securing municipal and provincial funding to clean up the RDM recycling site.

Just two days ago, Maguire took to Facebook to announce the clean up funding.

“I just got off the phone with the Premier’s Office,” he said in the live video. “We just got a commitment – and it has been released to the media – that the provincial government, and this government will work with the city to clean up the RDM site.”

Liberal leader Stephen McNeil told media, “We are talking to the municipality about options for cleaning up the site.”

Today, the Halifax Regional Municipality released a statement to media. The statement appears online on social media.

“We have not had any conversations with respect to the municipality participating in a clean up of the site.”

The Facebook video had already raised serious questions about whether the McNeil Liberals are blurring the lines between politics and governing. Voters were left wondering if Maguire was making a campaign announcement or a government announcement and just who exactly gave him the go-ahead to announce what he called a “firm commitment.”

People are now wondering whether Maguire was playing games with the residents of Harrietsfield and tried to use this emotional issue to his political advantage.

Stephen McNeil must immediately come clean about this announcement and the swirl of campaign lies around Halifax Atlantic.