FALL SITTING: McNeil Liberals failing Nova Scotians on healthcare

October 26, 2017 at 5:49 pm

Fall Budget, ongoing health crisis prove Premier didn’t get the message

Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie is frustrated the McNeil government is rushing out of the Legislature without a plan to address the healthcare crisis or create jobs in Nova Scotia.

On Thursday, the fall sitting of the Legislature came to a close. Baillie says he’s proud of the PC opposition team and the strong new MLAs but is disappointed that nothing is being done to fix the family doctor shortage and the glaring gaps in the healthcare system.

“We know people are fed up with the excessive wait times for surgeries, the lack of family doctors, ongoing emergency room closures, and the lack of supports for those suffering with mental illness,” says Baillie. “We are deeply disappointed that the McNeil Liberals once again rejected people’s concerns raised during the election, and continue to ignore the failing healthcare system.”

Baillie is also concerned that the McNeil Liberals have not learned from past mistakes and continue to bring forward bills that haven’t been fully vetted or thought through. He points to examples like:

– Passing a carbon pricing law without important emission reduction targets or providing any analysis on the impacts on Nova Scotians’ pocketbooks

– Rushing through the flawed Adult Capacity and Decision-making Act, ignoring grave concerns

– Introducing the Halifax-Yarmouth Archdiocese bill, which had to be put on hold because of serious questions raised about potential asset sheltering from legal suits

Baillie is proud of the work by the PC Caucus for pressuring the government to pass its own Intimate Images and Cyberbullying Protection Act this session and of Karla MacFarlane for working constructively to strengthen supports for cyberbullying victims, negotiating practical amendments to the bill.

Some other highlights of the session for the PC Caucus include:

  • The PCs taking a strong stance against the lack of extra supports for healthcare in the 2017/18 budget, proving Stephen McNeil didn’t get the message from Nova Scotians.
  • The four Atlantic Opposition Leaders joining together in an unprecedented move to force the four Atlantic Liberal Premiers to end their silence on the Trudeau Liberals’ unfair tax grab that would drive small businesses and family doctors away.
  • The PC Bill making October 15 Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day receiving unanimous support of all MLAs.


Baillie and the PCs introduced 27 pieces of legislation:

Auditor General Act (amended)

Buy Local Wild Blueberries Act

Cayley’s Law – An Act to Amend the Youth Secretariat Act

Camp Hill Veterans’ Memorial Building Walk-in Clinic Act

Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Appreciation Act

Clean Air Act

Dignity for Victims of Sexual Violence Act

Education Act (amended) – An Act to Amend Chapter 1 of the Acts of 1995-96, the Education Act, Respecting Expectations for Student Performance

Education Act (amended) – An Act to Amend Chapter 1 of the Acts of 1995-96, the Education Act, Respecting Discipline

Education Fund Protection Act

Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act (amended)

Health Authorities Act (amended) – An Act to Amend Chapter 32 of the Acts of 2014, the Health Authorities Act

Health Authorities Act (amended)An Act to Amend Chapter 32 of the Acts of 2014, the Health Authorities Act

Healthier Schools Act

Hearing Aids for Low-income Seniors Act

Homes for Special Care Act (amended)

Mental Health Court Expansion Act

Municipal Government Act (amended) and Halifax Regional Municipality Charter (amended)

Osteopaths Act

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Act

Provincial Court Act (amended)

Safer Homes Act

School Supplies Tax Credit Act

Sexual Violence Action Plan Act

Small Business Tax Protection Act

Workers’ Compensation Act (amended)

An Act to Incorporate Harmony Cemetery Company, in the County of Colchester (amended)