Family doctor calls out McNeil for healthcare crisis in Cape Breton

May 24, 2017 at 8:41 am

Dr. Bernie MacIntosh leaving Nova Scotia over frustrations with the system.

Stephen McNeil and his Liberal candidates may deny there’s a crisis in heath care, but the chorus of people who know the truth continues to grow louder.

A powerful new video about the healthcare crisis in Cape Breton is making its way around social media in the final days of this important healthcare election. The video features family doctor Dr. Bernie MacIntosh, who feels like he’s been “forced” to leave Cape Breton.

“I will not support the McNeil Liberal government this election. Reason being his refusal to acknowledge there’s a healthcare crisis in this province and that’s why I will not be supporting the McNeil government. It’s irresponsible to have what’s happening in Nova Scotia and say ‘well there’s a healthcare crisis and that everything’s okay, elect me.’ I have a hard time swallowing that,” says Dr. MacIntosh in the video.

Stephen McNeil is in Cape Breton today. His first availability with media is at 10am, followed by a Chamber of Commerce luncheon at noon. To date, McNeil has refused to admit there is a crisis in healthcare. He has also refused to answer the call to debate Cape Breton healthcare.