Five ways McNeil’s record on mental health speaks for itself

May 05, 2017 at 11:32 am

Stephen McNeil announced supports for mental health today. However, the Liberal record shows the McNeil government failed to take serious action to tackle the crisis in mental health before they called the election.

Stephen McNeil’s actions over the past years speak louder than his empty promises today. 

The McNeil Liberal record:

Denied there was a crisis in mental health care

Health Minister Leo Glavine rejected that the mental health system was in crisis, and refused to hold a public inquiry into the matter. 

Put people at risk by sending a letter to those in crisis to cut down the wait list

Mental health advocate Laurel Walker said the government lost sight of the fact that mental illness is a real disease.

Cut funding for non-profit mental health organizations

The cuts had a significant impact on organizations like Eating Disorders Nova Scotia, the Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia and Be, Think, Feel Aboriginal Mental Health.

Allowed wait times for mental health services to stay unacceptably high

On average, adults in Nova Scotia wait three months for mental health services. In Cape Breton, adults are left to wait almost a year. The average wait for Nova Scotian children and youth is even longer, at about four months. 

Let down veterans who need more mental health supports

Veterans, their spouses, widows, and families voiced their disappointment with the unwillingness of the McNeil Liberals to address systemic failures in veterans support networks, which includes not fighting for mental health supports from the national government.