Five ways Stephen McNeil has failed seniors

May 10, 2017 at 12:41 pm

Stephen McNeil is in Cape Breton today trying to convince seniors they can trust him. After four years of cuts, seniors across the province know better.

Here are five ways Stephen McNeil has failed Nova Scotia’s seniors:

1. Nursing home food budgets
Stephen McNeil slashed funding to nursing homes and left some of our most vulnerable eating on less than $6 a day. Seniors were forced to rely on their families for fresh fruit and vegetables, and nursing home dining rooms were stretched thin. Stephen McNeil stood by his reckless decision, even though the cuts led to dire situations for our seniors.

2. Nursing home staff cuts
The nursing home cuts have also forced many facilities to cut back hours or lay off staff. Stephen McNeil left nursing homes with no choice but to reduce the quality of care for residents. Some may even be at risk of closing. Our aging population can’t afford four more years of neglect under Stephen McNeil.

3. Pharmacare
When Stephen McNeil changed the Seniors’ Pharmacare Program without considering or consulting seniors, he did irreparable damage to the relationship between seniors and his Liberal government. Stephen McNeil tried to pull a fast one on our loved ones and only back-pedaled when concerned Nova Scotians spoke out. Pharmacare consultations are still on hold, leaving seniors to wonder what damaging changes they would see with four more years of Stephen McNeil?

4. Long-term care strategy
Stephen McNeil’s lack of vision for long-term care in Nova Scotia has left our seniors sitting on wait lists. Thousands of seniors are waiting for a long-term care bed with an average wait of nine months. Yet, the McNeil Liberals haven’t created any new long-term care beds. Stephen McNeil is sitting on his hands as our population gets older needs more care.

5. Hip and knee wait times
Stephen McNeil left sick and vulnerable Nova Scotians suffering on wait lists while he played political games with the health care system. Nova Scotians waiting on hip and knee replacements have been left to linger with some of the worst wait times in the country. The province has fallen behind and wait lists for crucial surgeries continue to grow, year after year.