Fix the FOIPOP portal says d’Entremont

November 29, 2018 at 11:03 am

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PC House Leader Chris d’Entremont says if openness and transparency was a priority for the McNeil Liberals, they wouldn’t have waited eight months to fix the FOIPOP portal.

Last March, a FOIPOP breach happened which resulted in the private information of thousands of Nova Scotians’ being compromised and it has become clear that this Liberal government is no closer to a plan than they were then.

d’Entremont says Nova Scotians have been lenient on this government’s blunders but patience is wearing thin.

“We are coming up to one year since Nova Scotians were made aware of this incident,” says d’Entremont. “This service is paid for by the taxpayers of Nova Scotia and eight months have gone by with no real progress to show for it.”

“The way the FOIPOP scandal was handled was a failure by this government. There continues to be no accountability from this government for leaving people’s personal information wide open,” says d’Entremont. “If this minister can’t get it done, then it’s time to find one who can.”

d’Entremont says time is up and if Minister Arab won’t update Nova Scotians on what her department is doing to fix the portal, then the government should immediately agree to the PC request to bring the issue before Public Accounts.

“The private information of Nova Scotians should never be breached, especially by their own government,” says d’Entremont. “This government must get the portal up and running as soon as possible and guarantee to Nova Scotians that this will never happen again.”