Full-time job losses pile up under McNeil government, 13,300 in the last year

December 02, 2016 at 5:09 pm

Baillie says Nova Scotia needs a long-term plan for jobs

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says the McNeil government’s arrogance and incompetence is getting in the way of long-term economic development opportunities.

The latest numbers from Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey show there are 13,300 fewer full-time jobs in Nova Scotia than a year ago.

“Stephen McNeil is content to manage our province’s economic decline, rather than do what’s needed to rebuild our weak economy, create jobs and grow revenues,” says Baillie. “The status quo is no longer an option. Premier McNeil’s inaction and distractions have caused even more harm to our already very weak economy.”

Baillie says the unemployment numbers out of Alberta are cause for serious concern. Alberta shed 73,800 full-time jobs in the last year.

“Many people in Nova Scotia were relying on pay-cheques from Alberta and sadly that’s no longer a reality for many. Those who went out west to work are also discovering there is no Nova Scotia to return to,” says Baillie. “I’m proud of our east coast workforce. We have to pave the way for them to develop our resources in a sustainable way and build up our infrastructure here at home.”

Baillie understands Nova Scotia’s need for a truly long-term plan for the economy, one that goes past the next election cycle.

“We know that rebuilding Nova Scotia’s economy won’t happen over night,” says Baillie. “Premier McNeil may be content managing decline, but that’s not good enough.”

In August, Baillie announced that a PC government will put vocational training back in schools. It was the first plank of the PC’s plan to fix Nova Scotia’s economy. In the coming months, he will outline the elements of a PC government’s long-term plan that he will be offering Nova Scotians in the next provincial election.