Gamble: No rate relief under Liberals

September 08, 2013 at 1:46 pm

HALIFAX, NS – Dartmouth South Progressive Conservative candidate Gord Gamble says today’s energy announcement from the Liberals fails to explain how a Stephen McNeil government would provide power rate relief.

“Stephen McNeil says he will keep all of the NDP’s commitments but the most expensive commitment he will keep is the unaffordable and out of touch energy targets that have driven our power rates to the highest in Canada,” said Gamble. “Only Jamie Baillie’s Progressive Conservatives will do what it takes to provide real rate relief.”

Gamble was quick to point out that Stephen McNeil himself admitted his plan would not lower power rates.

Last fall, when asked by a reporter whether or not the Liberal plan could lower power rates, Stephen McNeil responded, “No, what I believe we can do is provide stability.”

“Peoples’ livelihoods are at stake,” said Gamble. “Nova Scotians need real change and real rate relief, not more of the same from the Liberals and the NDP.”

The PC plan focuses on making power rates affordable by:

– Freezing power rates;

– Removing the guarantee on Nova Scotia Power’s profit;

– Rewriting the NDP electricity plan to make it affordable;

– Creating a regional energy market to lower power bills for consumers.