Gordon Wilson sits on his hands while 3000 without a family doctor in Weymouth

February 01, 2017 at 6:30 pm

WEYMOUTH, NS – Chris d’Entremont says MLA Gordon Wilson is happy to sit on his hands while 3000 patients are without a doctor in the Weymouth.

“The McNeil Liberals promised a doctor for every Nova Scotian and they are failing to keep their word,” says d’Entremont. “Mr. Wilson owes the families of Weymouth answers.”

A meeting regarding the doctor shortage was held in Weymouth in October 2016 and since then nothing has been done. Wilson was in attendance and heard firsthand how alarming the situation was from the community. d’Entremont says the government can’t seem to get a handle on the doctor shortage or the shortfalls in the health system.

“Families in Weymouth know the truth,” says d’Entremont. “This government can find money when it wants to but they haven’t been able to provide health care to those who need it.”

d’Entremont adds that people in Weymouth are growing tired of being left behind.

“The McNeil Liberals and Wilson are picking winners and losers in every corner of this province,” he adds. “They’re ignoring a serious situation in Weymouth. Primary care is a basic Canadian right and it’s being deliberately taken away from the people of Weymouth.”

d’Entremont says the member for Clare-Digby must be yet another Liberal member who’s fine with families not having a doctor.

“The doctor shortage isn’t unique to the Weymouth area. It’s across this whole province,” says d’Entremont.

Last month, The PC Caucus filed a freedom of information request asking for the number of Nova Scotians that are waitlisted to access a doctor. The health authority responded saying, “Unfortunately, we do not have the information at present. It is being compiled and is not ready to be released. I am closing your application with our office.”