Harrietsfield: Stephen McNeil has a lot of questions to answer

May 15, 2017 at 7:50 am

Stephen McNeil has a lot of questions to answer about Halifax Atlantic Liberal candidate Brendan Maguire’s since disputed claim to have committed funding for the Harrietsfield cleanup project.

Maguire announced the funding via Facebook live stating, “I just got off the phone with the Premier’s Office.” He went on to say “we just got a commitment  – and it has been released to the media – that the provincial government, and this government will work with the city to clean up the RDM site.”

Municipal officials later threw ice on that claim releasing a statement that said “we have not had any conversations with respect to the municipality participating in a clean up of the site.”

This caused the McNeil Liberals to backtrack that, in fact, it’s not a “firm commitment” but rather an “initial conversation.”

According to Global News, this “initial conversation” was actually a phone call from Kevin Musgrave in the premier’s office to Shaune MacKinlay in Mayor Mike Savage’s Office.

Here are just some of the questions Stephen McNeil has to answer.

  • Did Brendan Maguire have Stephen McNeil’s approval to mislead Harrietsfield residents that a cleanup deal had been reached on Facebook live?

  • Who in the Premier’s office did Brendan Maguire speak to prior to his Facebook Live announcement?

  • Has Stephen McNeil since spoken to Brendan Maguire about his Facebook Live announcement?

  • Will Stephen McNeil make Brendan Maguire available to media to answer questions about his misleading Facebook Live announcement?

  • Will Stephen McNeil and Brendan Maguire agree to meet with local residents to answer their questions about how this announcement came about?

  • Was Stephen McNeil aware the Premier’s office would be in discussions with HRM about a political announcement during an election campaign

  • On how many other occasions have officials in the Premier’s office reached out to municipal governments and other partners about funding for projects during the election campaign?