Health care in trouble

June 08, 2016 at 11:26 am

AG finds urgent infrastructure needs and unsustainable health care delivery

HALIFAX, NS – Today’s Auditor General report proves that Nova Scotia’s health care system is failing from the ground up.

“The roofs are leaking and the walls are crumbling,” says Progressive Conservative MLA Tim Houston. “The Liberals cannot point to one aspect of health care that doesn’t need a drastic overhaul and patients are suffering for it.”

According to the Auditor General’s report “at least $85 million is needed just to meet urgent infrastructure needs” in our hospitals. Meanwhile, as health care infrastructure continues to crumble, Premier Stephen McNeil continues to employ Liberal insider Jack Graham to help him manage health contracts. So far Graham has billed taxpayers for $326,302.

Houston adds that today’s audit shows that the Liberals continue to make health care decisions without sufficient planning.

Pictou East MLA, Tim Houston
Pictou East MLA, Tim Houston

“The McNeil Liberals are making political announcements instead of planning ahead for what Nova Scotians really need,” says Houston. “How long can our health care system really sustain this type of political maneuvering?”

Today’s report painted a frightening picture of the future of health care.

“The Liberals failed to keep their promise of a family doctor for every Nova Scotian and now we see, in black and white, that our aging hospitals are in need of repairs that cost more than this government has to spend,” says Houston. “There are a lot of people making a lot of money in government and we rely on them to make the system work. When the health care system is obviously failing so badly, it’s clear an overhaul is needed.”