Health Minister has some explaining to do

August 13, 2018 at 12:56 pm

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Cumberland South MLA Tory Rushton says the Minister of Health and the Premier will have a lot of explaining do to in the fall legislative session.

The Nova Scotia Health Authority has been announcing closures to emergency rooms at North Cumberland CEC, All Saints Springhill CEC and South Cumberland CEC throughout the busy summer season. They’re blaming a lack of physician availability.

Next week alone, the combined hospitals will be closed a total of 204 hours, often leaving residents to drive hours to receive care.

Rushton says people in his constituency are worried as closures have often been without any advanced warning.

“I am receiving calls from people every day because they don’t know which hospitals are open and when and frankly, the lack of clarity is astounding,” says Rushton. “We can’t expect people to drive hours to the closest open hospital in an emergency. The Liberal government is putting people’s lives in jeopardy.”

Rushton says that the Liberal government doesn’t grasp that closing hospitals doesn’t change the fact that we don’t have enough physicians.

“They are closing two hospitals at a time, for hours at a time and we still have concerns about physician availability,” says Rushton. “This government thinks closing hospitals across the province will make a difference- they’re wrong. They are making it loud and clear that we cannot trust them to address a concern that has been at their feet for years.”

Rushton says he looks forward to the fall session in the Legislature where he will hold the Health Minister to account for the healthcare crisis in Cumberland County.

The House of Assembly is set to open September 6. This will be Rushton’s first house session since winning the by-election in Cumberland South.