Hospital closures cause chaos instead of providing care

June 25, 2018 at 12:49 pm

Progressive Conservative health critic and Northside Westmount MLA Eddie Orrell says today’s McNeil Liberals hospital closures will cause chaos rather than provide care Cape Bretoners desperately need.

“Today’s announcement does nothing to address thousands of men, women and children who still don’t have a family doctor or access to the care they deserve, ” says Orrell. “Premier McNeil will have to explain how shutting down two hospitals fixes the problems we’re facing. Instead of tackling the healthcare crisis, this government has spun it into full blown chaos.”

Orrell says today’s announcement in Cape Breton sends a chilling signal across the province.

“Every hospital and clinic across this province should be wondering if they too have a target on their back,” says Orrell.

Orrell worries about numerous community hospitals struggling under the failing policies of the Liberals.

“The Liberals can’t recruit doctors, so they lock the doors and board up the windows,” he says. “Who’s next?”

In April of 2017, the then health minister Leo Glavine said there was no plan to close Northside General.

He told the House, “What I can tell the member opposite is that yes, while there is some work going on in terms of planning, today I can stand in my place and say with confidence that there isn’t a plan for any closure at Northside. It plays an extremely important role in the community.”

Orrell is today calling on the Premier to come clean about his plan to close hospitals.

“The Premier has sent a chill through the healthcare community today, from one tip of this province to the other,” says Orrell. “The least he could do is tell the people of Cape Breton when he put this plan into motion. If there was ever a time for transparency,  I would say now’s the time.”