Houston: Clarrie MacKinnon and the Dexter NDP need a reality check

September 08, 2013 at 4:54 pm

WESTVILLE, NS – Pictou East Progressive Conservative candidate Tim Houston says NDP MLA Clarrie MacKinnon’s recent assertion about the PC record on protecting rural jobs is “simply not true.”

Under the watch of Clarrie MacKinnon and the Dexter NDP, 2,400 full time jobs have been eliminated in Northern Nova Scotia alone – MacKinnon’s own region. In rural Nova Scotia, 7,700 full time jobs have disappeared.

“The Dexter NDP’s disastrous record of failure has seen thousands lose their job in Clarrie MacKinnon’s own backyard,” said Houston. “The very fact that he would try to suggest otherwise is an insult to the hardworking Nova Scotians who have seen their jobs vanish under the Dexter NDP’s watch.”

Houston says the Jamie Baillie Progressive Conservatives have a plan to grow the economy and create good jobs.

“Unlike the Liberals and the NDP, who want to keep going ahead with the failed policies of the last four years, a Jamie Baillie government will freeze power rates, lower taxes, stop wasteful spending and create more jobs,” says Houston.