Houston to Delorey: Release CPP analysis

July 08, 2016 at 11:16 am

Finance Minister must consult with families, businesses before signing


HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Finance critic Tim Houston wants the McNeil Liberals to release its analysis of the CPP changes before the signing deadline.

This week, Houston sent a letter to Finance Minister Randy Delorey calling on him to explain why he signed the deal, who he consulted with and how it will benefit Nova Scotians.

“I want to see the information and the analysis that the Minister based his decision on,” says Houston. “My fear is that no one in the Department of Finance, including Minister Delorey, consulted with the people of Nova Scotia before committing the province to signing the CPP agreement. There could be unintended consequences and I want to know that the risks are mitigated.”

In the letter, Houston noted that the Liberal government has made decisions without consultation before. Premier McNeil withdrew proposed changes to Seniors Pharmacare after they were widely panned by seniors who felt threatened and were not consulted.

“Stephen McNeil’s government has a pattern of glossing over the details when making decisions that impact Nova Scotians,” says Houston. “I want to see the details used to make this decision, so we can judge it for ourselves.”

Houston wants Minister Delorey to either release his analysis before the July 15, 2016 signing deadline or withhold Nova Scotia’s approval until the work can be done.