Houston to Northside-Westmount: This is about Healthcare

August 20, 2019 at 1:52 pm

A message from PC leader Tim Houston to the people of Northside-Westmount

Many voters in Northside-Westmount are trying to decide on a Party of candidate to support in the September 3 by-election. I know the PC Party didn’t make your decision any easier when we had to change our candidate mid-way through the campaign.

For that confusion, I apologize. And I ask you not to lose sight of what this by-election is about – healthcare.

People on the Northside have been failed by a government that swooped in and imposed decisions. A prime example is the current re-development initiative. They came in and told you what was happening, before consulting or understand your needs and concerns.

The Liberals have created a health crisis that really swelled because of the way they treated healthcare professionals and removal of decision-making power from your community.

What the people of the Northside want is reasonable: access to qualified healthcare personnel to answer their questions and manage their problems. In that respect, the Liberals have let you down.

To vote Liberal would be to say that you support the healthcare crisis. This by-election is your chance to send the Liberals a message that you expect better. The only way to clearly send that message in Northside-Westmount is through the Progressive Conservative Party and Murray Ryan.

The PC Party is the only viable alternative to form the next government.

Murray Ryan is the only person who can hold the Liberals to account and be your voice on healthcare.

Tim Houston