Houston wants Wednesday’s Public Accounts meeting reinstated

February 21, 2017 at 9:31 pm

McNeil government unilaterally cancelled meeting without committee members’ consent

HALIFAX, NS – Tim Houston, the Progressive Conservative member of the Public Accounts Committee, says the McNeil Liberals should come out of hiding and reinstate the Auditor General’s appearance at the committee for the morning.

The province’s Auditor General was scheduled to appear to discuss his report card on the government’s performance on audit recommendations from 2013/14. On Tuesday morning, Stephen McNeil’s government unilaterally chose to cancel this week’s Wednesday meeting without valid reason.

Houston says Stephen McNeil is trying to stifle criticism of his government’s disastrous record.

“There’s no good reason for the McNeil government to cancel the Auditor General’s appearance before the Public Accounts committee,” said Houston. “Stephen McNeil is doing everything in his power to cover up his government’s failures and shut down transparency.”

Houston says the Auditor General is still releasing his report tomorrow and there’s no reason not to proceed with the committee as scheduled.