Job creation: McNeil doesn’t get it

September 27, 2013 at 9:07 am

HALIFAX, NS – In yesterday’s News 95.7 debate, Stephen McNeil confirmed he doesn’t understand how to create jobs and grow the economy. McNeil implied young people leave Nova Scotia for a job, not as a result of the high taxes and high power rates families have endured under the Dexter NDP.

Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says McNeil is missing the point.

“Lower taxes and frozen power rates lead to more jobs,” Baillie said. “High taxes and high power rates are barriers to job creation but the McNeil Liberals don’t get it.”

Baillie says McNeil’s plan for job creation mirrors the failures of the Dexter NDP and that corporate bailouts must be replaced by a real plan to create jobs, as outlined in the PC plan Change that Works.


High taxes, high power rates and job losses have caused rural Nova Scotia to remain in recession. In the last four years 7,500 people left the province to find work.

“Stephen McNeil’s plan keeps taxes and power rates high,” Baillie said. “Nova Scotians are looking for a Premier who understands how to create good jobs and grow the economy, but Stephen McNeil is only promising more of the same.”

Baillie said two debates in as many days made it clear for voters the McNeil plan is indistinguishable from the Dexter NDP’s and would drive even more people out of the province in search of work.

The fully costed Progressive Conservative plan, Change that Works, will lower the HST, eliminate the small business tax, freeze power rates and create jobs.