Job losses pile up under Liberals, 10,600 in the last three years

March 11, 2016 at 2:03 pm

Human cost of Liberal mismanagement takes its toll

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says the McNeil Liberals’ mismanagement of Nova Scotia’s economy is taking its toll on the jobs that families rely on.

The latest job numbers add to the alarming trend under the McNeil government’s watch. Since February 2013, Nova Scotia has lost 10,600 jobs. The employment rate in Cape Breton is the lowest in the province at 40.8 per cent and the second lowest in the country.

“Where is the plan for jobs and growth?” Baillie asks. “Nova Scotians can’t afford any more Liberal screw ups.”

Baillie says you only have to look as far as the Liberal handling of the film industry, forestry industry, lobster industry and onshore natural gas industry for examples. Premier McNeil is actually making things worse.

He says the most recent decision to force lobster buyers to either take a mandatory lobster handling course or risk losing their license is condescending and wrong.

“Adding more red tape to one of our most successful export industries is yet another example of the poor judgements this government makes,” says Baillie. “It flies in the face of everything the Ivany Report says to do.”

There is an urgent need for Stephen McNeil and the Liberal government to start focusing on getting the conditions right for economic growth and job creation in Nova Scotia.

“If we are ever going to become a self-reliant, prosperous province, we must get going,” says Baillie. “Our rural communities especially are struggling. Our province has to be more open for investment and new jobs. That includes natural resource development and emerging IT jobs.

“I’m proud of our east coast workforce. We have to pave the way for them develop our resources in a sustainable way.”