John K. MacDonald to run for PC Party in Colchester North

June 06, 2012 at 3:49 pm

Colchester County, NS – The Colchester North Progressive Conservatives have chosen local lawyer and long-time community leader John K. Macdonald to carry the party’s banner in upcoming provincial election.

MacDonald was officially nominated on June 5 in front a packed crowd of enthusiastic supporters at an event with PC leader Jamie Baillie.

A former lawyer and air force veteran, John K. serves as the Chairman of the Colchester East Hants Health Authority and is an active leader in the community.

MacDonald says Darrell Dexter and the NDP have taken Colchester North in the wrong direction.

“The NDP have taken over $1,000 from everyone in higher HST and their expensive electricity plan tells all Nova Scotians to ‘bite the bullet’ and pay more for power,” said MacDonald. “We now have the highest taxes and electricity rates in Canada. The NDP’s priorities are not Colchester North’s priorities.”

MacDonald says Baillie, the former President and CEO of Credit Union Atlantic, has brought strong, new leadership to the PC Party. He says the PC Party is the clear choice to counter the unaffordable and out-of-touch NDP.

“With Jamie Baillie at the helm, we have leadership that puts everyday people ahead of the special interests that run the NDP,” said MacDonald. “Colchester North residents are hoping there’s a better way forward for our province, and I believe that’s what Jamie Baillie and the PC Party have to offer.”

Baillie says he’s excited about MacDonald’s candidacy.

“John K. MacDonald will be a great MLA for Colchester North. He’s in it for all the right reasons,” Baillie said. “John is committed to creating good jobs and growing the local economy. His experience and leadership are important to better government in Nova Scotia.”

MacDonald says he plans to spend the coming weeks meeting with local residents to discuss their priorities.