John Wesley Chisholm is Progressive Conservative Candidate in Halifax Chebucto

July 06, 2016 at 11:27 am

Baillie says creative industry experience perfect fit for a PC government

John Wesley Chisholm, PC Candidate for Halifax Chebucto

HALIFAX, NS – John Wesley Chisholm will be the Progressive Conservative Party’s candidate in Halifax Chebucto in the next provincial election.

The award-winning TV producer, musician and business person was officially acclaimed the party’s candidate on Tuesday, July 5.

“I am happy to have the opportunity to represent the people of Halifax Chebucto as the PC candidate in these challenging and changing times,” says Chisholm. “I expect the best for Nova Scotia. I’m confident I can bring new ideas, be responsible, and act in the interest of the people of my community.”

Jamie Baillie, leader of the PC Party, says he’s excited about Chisholm’s candidacy and knows that he will be a positive accountable voice in the next Progressive Conservative government.

“John Wesley has 30 years of experience in the creative industries in Nova Scotia and he understands how important it is to produce prosperity in the province,” said Baillie. “A strong economy is crucial for continuing to fund social programs like healthcare and education.”

“It’s an exciting time. Jamie Baillie is out there doing the hard work of leadership – creating, focusing and inspiring a new Progressive Conservative crew,” says Chisholm. “Nova Scotia’s best days are out ahead. It’s the PC Party’s mix of proven economic principles, progressive social values, openness to powerful new ideas, and shared sense of responsibility to others, that will get us there.”