John White to carry PC banner in Glace Bay

March 23, 2017 at 9:18 am

Baillie says Glace Bay will be well represented by John White

PC Party of Nova Scotia logo

GLACE BAY, NS – High school teacher, volunteer firefighter and Glace Bay Food Bank board director John White has been acclaimed the Progressive Conservative candidate for Glace Bay.

White says he’s excited about being Glace Bay’s new representative in the House of Assembly.

“The people of Glace Bay need a new champion. The Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal is our MLA, yet we have terrible roads,” says White. “We have potholes, cracks and faded paint on our roads. It’s unacceptable. Our MLA seems to be distracted by those other issues, like the Yarmouth ferry. We need a full-time MLA.”

White wants better for his community and he’s excited to be a member of Jamie Baillie’s growing team. The Progressive Conservative leader’s commitment to investing in infrastructure in Nova Scotia is important to White, and to the community.

“Jamie Baillie is going to turn this economy around. He is going to invest in making our province stronger,” says White. “A Jamie Baillie government will create the jobs we need to move Glace Bay, and our entire province, forward.”

Baillie says he’s proud to have a community leader like John White carrying the Progressive Conservative banner in Glace Bay.

“Glace Bay will be well represented by John,” says Baillie. “He has the qualities a strong MLA needs to be successful. His dedication to helping young people navigate through high school and figure out the next step speaks volumes about his character.”

John and his wife, Junie have spent their whole lives in Glace Bay. They have two daughters.