Kentville family desperate for help from Health Department

October 18, 2017 at 2:41 pm

A Kentville family’s cries for help for their infant child have gone unanswered by the Minister of Health, and Kings North MLA John Lohr is calling for something to be done immediately.

The three-month-old infant has an extremely rare protein allergy and she requires a specialized formula called PurAmino as her sole source of nutrition. PurAmino will cost the family upwards of $1,100 per month. However, if the child were born at the IWK, or lived in the HRM, she would be eligible to have the formula paid for.

“We could never have anticipated we would face this financial burden simply to provide food for our baby,” says mother, Kayla Gosse. “We have exhausted all of the possible options and still haven’t found a solution. We are at our wit’s end.”

A representative from the IWK stated that if her pediatrician were to send a referral, the infant may be eligible for funding. However, Kayla says their doctor sent a referral advocating for the formula to be funded when their child was first diagnosed, and they have yet to hear back.

Lohr has been working with the Gosse family since the issue was brought to his attention in August. He wrote a letter, marked urgent, to the Minister of Health and has had no response. On October 12 during Question Period, Lohr again asked the Minister if he would fund this life saving formula for families outside HRM. The Minister stated he did receive the letter and would look into it.

“I would never have imagined this would prove to be so difficult to solve,” says Lohr. “This is literally life or death for this child. This formula is medicine for this infant, and the family can’t afford it. If they had an address in HRM, the problem would be solved. The Minister of Health needs to act now.”