Lack of doctor forces Nova Scotian to leave

February 28, 2017 at 2:46 pm

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PICTOU COUNTY, NS – Janet Trites won’t give up in her search for a family doctor for her ill son David, even though he’s purchased a plane ticket bound for Ontario this Saturday. The Pictou man says he can’t wait any longer without a family doctor.

Declining health brought David home to Nova Scotia from Ontario last August. He needed to be with his family for love and support through pancreas and lung problems. Even before he arrived home, his mother started to search for a family doctor. He hasn’t found one yet and is now leaving the province.

“I’ve done everything I can think of,” says Janet. “There’s no stone I haven’t turned over trying to help my son.”

David’s medical problems have sent him to a number of specialists. Each of these specialists have asked him to secure a family doctor. The family says they are caught in an endless spiral.

“I am just so frustrated,” says Janet. “I can’t believe my son has to leave Nova Scotia to get the care he needs. This is where we are and it’s just so sad.”

The Trites started working with Progressive Conservative MLA Karla MacFarlane in October of last year. The Pictou West member has even connected the family with Health Minister Leo Glavine’s office, but the family doctor shortage is too great.

“These aren’t just statistics on a page, this is a real family that is being ripped apart because of the family doctor crisis in Nova Scotia,” says MacFarlane. “What does the government have to say to this mother who’s about to put her son on a plane because of their shortcomings on this very important issue?”

The Trites have David’s name on every list and registry. Janet says she has called every number she can think of and left countless messages at every doctor’s office. They have tried walk in clinics and emergency rooms. He just needs a family doctor.

“I am doing the very best that I can,” says the mom.

MacFarlane says both she and the family realize that time is working against them. With David’s flight booked, he will be heading back to Ontario this Saturday. David says he will have access to a family doctor there.

“The McNeil Liberals have broken their promise of a family doctor for every Nova Scotian and this is the real result of that. No one should have to go through medical struggles without their family to help them,” says MacFarlane. “This is a crying shame.”