Leader’s Blog: Do the right thing for our veterans

June 14, 2019 at 2:47 pm

With the 75th Anniversary of D-Day just last week, I know many of us reflected on the brave sacrifice of veterans and members of the Canadian Forces.

When our country needed them, they – and their families – answered the call. Now, when the tables have turned and some of these same veterans have a simple ask: can I please live out my days beside my spouse. The Liberal response is shocking. The federal Liberals and the provincial Liberals play hot potato.

Meanwhile, some of those same veterans walk the halls of their home, Camp Hill Hospital, staring in disbelief at empty beds and wonder why their loved one can’t join them.

Surely somebody on the Liberal benches can put two and two together and fix this injustice.

Why can’t they find it in their hearts to show compassion to our veterans and their families.

Barbara Adams has also been watching this in disbelief. We are all at our wits end over the stupidity of it all. This week Barbara wrote to the Veterans’ Ombudsman asking him to please get involved.

For me, it’s a matter of respect.

Respect for veterans and for their families.

Think of the sacrifice that our veterans have made. Particularly our active duty veterans but every single military family makes some level of sacrifice.

If your spouse has moved around with you from base to base, that means every member of the family starting all over again – that’s sacrifice.

If you become a single parent as your enlisted spouse is shipped out for months on end – that’s sacrifice.

Imagine kissing your spouse goodbye when they have been called into a conflict zone and knowing there is a possibility that this may the last goodbye – there isn’t a person who can say that isn’t sacrifice.

I’m proud of my father’s service in the Royal Canadian Navy. I remember those moves to Ontario, PEI, BC and back to Nova Scotia. I also remember the times when he couldn’t be around – when he was gone for months on end.

I tip my hat to my mom. She kept life normal for the three of us kids. Sure, there were definitely hard moments, but I never feel anything but pride in my father’s willingness to serve his country and my mother’s unwavering strength in supporting that sacrifice.

When sending out this weeks survey, I was not surprised that over 70 percent of respondents were current members or had family or close friends in the military. The duty to serve is woven into the very fabric of our beautiful province.

Yesterday, Barbara Adams and I visited Camp Hill. It was such a privilege to meet so many of our country’s heroes.

There are over 10,000 Canadian Forces members living in Nova Scotia. They have made it their life’s work to serve this province and their country. I say with only gratitude in my heart, thank you for your courage and immeasurable sacrifice.

And we have a simple message for Minister Delorey regarding Camp Hill: do the right thing.