A Letter from PC Health Critic Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin to Physicians in NS

August 30, 2017 at 1:10 pm

To the Physicians of Nova Scotia:

Thank you for living and working here in Nova Scotia. You are a valued professional and we need you here in our province.

As an RN for 26 years and being married to a family physician for the same amount of years, I know first hand the lifestyle and stress that you are under. Since health care management has been under one central health authority, it has been nothing but chaos.

Now your personal livelihood is being threatened with the proposed federal Liberal tax changes.

I was recently elected to represent Cumberland North in the Nova Scotia Legislature and was also appointed to the role of PC Health Critic. I will be working on behalf of all Nova Scotians to hold the government to account. Our health care system needs a leadership team that includes physicians. We are in need of desperate change. I know you are frustrated and many of you are considering leaving our province. I have been in your shoes. My husband Murray and I left Nova Scotia in 1995 and then came back two years later.

I want you to know that the PC team and I know changes must be made and we will call upon government to make the improvements that are needed. I know that we can have a world-class health system right here in Nova Scotia. Please be patient, don’t give up and leave in frustration. We are working for you and for the people of Nova Scotia.

Please contact me anytime. I have been working with a team of physicians here in Northern Nova Scotia and want to work with you all across the province. You are leaders in your communities. We need you to stay and fight the good fight.

Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin, MLA
Cumberland North
Progressive Conservative Health Critic