Liberal government’s card system allows kids access to cannabis

October 18, 2018 at 1:07 pm

The Liberal government’s cannabis roll out has failed to keep the drug out of children’s hands.

Nova Scotia’s Liberal government unveiled the new NSLC cannabis stores and website yesterday for cannabis legalization and there are already glaring concerns. Media reported yesterday that online tutorials have surfaced which offer a technique to easily sidestep the age verification access code.

Progressive Conservative Leader Karla MacFarlane says this government had one responsibility- protect our children and on day one, they failed.

“We don’t have high expectations from this government anymore,” says MacFarlane. “Now they have proven that in addition to not being able to trust them with our private information, we can’t trust them to protect our children.”

MacFarlane says cannabis implementation has been a trail of failures, most notably during consultation. After a survey was launched by the Liberal government October 2017, it came to light that the survey could be filled out unlimited times from the same computer and could also be completed by underage Nova Scotians.

MacFarlane doesn’t think we would be dealing with these concerns if cannabis had been distributed through the private sector.

“This all comes down to this government’s shameful arrogance,” says MacFarlane. “They thought they could do this better than the private sector and look where we are- on day one, they failed job one.”

MacFarlane cautions the Premier to get his House in order.

“People’s trust is limited Mr. Premier and it’s wearing thin,” says MacFarlane. “You’ll find out quickly how trust runs out if you continue to put young Nova Scotians’ safety at risk.”