Liberals can’t compete with Tory plan to scrap the small business tax

October 01, 2013 at 1:37 pm

HALIFAX, NS – The McNeil Liberals’ promise to offer a tax credit for sound, film and media companies pales in comparison to Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie’s plans to make Nova Scotia a small business tax-free zone.

“The small business operators I talk to tell me high taxes and high power rates are the single biggest barriers they face when trying to create jobs and grow their business, but Stephen McNeil has no plan to fix those problems,” said Baillie. “While Stephen McNeil and the Liberals continue to try and coast by and only plan to tinker around the edges of our economy, we’re proposing real change to create jobs in Nova Scotia.”

In the last election campaign, Stephen McNeil promised to reduce the small business tax. That promise is absent from the Liberal platform this time.

“Stephen McNeil used to promise to help small businesses by lowering their taxes and power rates, but he has abandoned those commitments in favour of a high-spending NDP-like agenda,” said Baillie. “Stephen McNeil is asking Nova Scotians to trust him, but he has made it hard for small business operators to believe anything he tells them by reneging on all of his old promises.”

Baillie says Nova Scotians looking for real change that will result in more jobs should look beyond the Liberals’ empty promises and review the Progressive Conservative plan.

A Progressive Conservative government will remove the small business tax and increase the threshold to $500,000. These changes will create the first ever “tax-free zone” for small business in the history of Nova Scotia.